AdBridg - trusted bidding
solutions for the modern Publisher

What makes AdBridg unique?

Using only the Publisher’s demand partners guarantees a fair auction.

Industry leading product features and knowledge base.

Bidding analytics, no matter what bidding solution you use.

Your very own outsourced
programmatic team.

Intense focus on customer service and personalized optimization.

AdBridg provides a full suite of bidding solutions for Publishers.
Our products enable Publishers to maximize their programmatic revenues across desktop and mobile in display, native and video formats.

Header Bidding

AdBridg Connect - Take full advantage of multi-partner competition for your inventory with AdBridg Connect.

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Enhanced Bidding

In-adserver bidding removes the need for the waterfall and further maximizes revenues.

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Bidding Analytics

Gain valuable insights and transparency, no matter which wrapper you use.

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Programmatic Optimization

Enlist AdBridg to optimize your entire programmatic stack across all domains, platforms and demand partners.

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Bid Direct

Who needs an ad server when you have AdBridg Bid Direct?

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Manage multiple native demand partners while making each compete in real time for your inventory.

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